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Wow thanks Carol, you are so awesome. Everyone can learn something from this book. It is truly inspirational and goes to prove you can do anything if you really want to.

Suzy Molloy



Just finished reading your book.

Could not put it down.  Read it in one night.

WOW what can I say. You are a legend.

I am going to read it again.




Totally inspirationaly book, a true life Phoenix rise from ashes. All aspects of divorce succinctly  and sometimes humorously covered. A great read, a book to keep and Re-read. Honest and poignant, a ture lesson in life.

Kath McCoy




Thank you so much for writing this book so honestly. It is about time someone shed the light on what really happens behind some closed doors. You have given me the courage to let go of the past and face the future with some degree of hope.

My situtation is very similar to yours and I don't think people realise how dangerous their situation is until they read a book like yours to open their eyes to reality. You have let me know I am not alone.

thanks again.



Hi Carol - Finished -your book

You really deserve every accolade you get for the book. It is an outstandng example of triumph over incredible odds - and only you really know the depths of your own challenges.


You opened your heart so that others can benefit and grow from reading your book, and you communicated in a really personal way so that those in the midst of experiencing the "unspeakable" would relate to and find the courage to move forward with their lives - whether that meant remaining in a dysfunctional marriage or leaving.


Very brave and honourable thing to do. You have done a great job. We all have a story. Some spend their whole lives hiding - from themselves - while others make a decision to reach their potential as a human being and use the "fertiliser of life" to grow the "seed of potential". You are a true example of the latter. You are only restricted by your imagination as you have proven to yourself that you can make anything you strive to achieve happen. If others don't agree with the decisions you make in relation to your life....that is their call. You are making your life unfold now and you are so much happier as a result.

Again, well done Carol.


Andrew Smith, Managing Director


"Carol, Just finished reading your book. Love the way you write.

I felt like you were talking to me.

You are so brave".





OMG you had me at the 3rd page. I have not been married, divorced or had children. Although I have experienced a difficult break up. I am 45 years of age and you have defined it all in 3 pages: learn to enjoy your own company . God why didn't I read this book years ago? Thanks Carol






The Hyatt Hotel Canberra  engaged Carol Mitchell from ckimage Consultancy to conduct sessions to a variety of employees

targeting grooming, presentation and the importance of first impressions.


Feedback from all employees was excellent and particular topics such as dining etiquette,

how to shake hands professionally and makeup application created the most conversation.


Using her wonderful public speaking skills and a twist of humour,

Carol was able to touch the topics that most people find sensitive and are unable to really bring to the surface.


Presentation is everything in hospitality and the Hyatt Hotel prides itself on its people.  

This was a sound investment into our most valued resource.


We have seen positive changes and most importantly for those that attended

they now appreciate you don't get a second chance to make a first impression.

Paula Brewer, Director of Human Resources


A Park Hyatt Hotel



"The lunchtime session that Carol ran for us was informative, fun and highly entertaining.

She has a natural flare and skill for delivering informaton about personal presentation in a practical, informal and non-threatening manner"

Carol  Lilley


Price Waterhouse Coopers





 "Carol is terrific. She is fun, entertaining and challenging. Whether you have been divorced, contemplating it or have absolutely no plans for divorce, Carol will have you mesmerised as she lets you into her secrets about what she went through and what to avoid.


Even though she will have you laughing and crying over the mistakes she made and how she overcame them, she has a much more serious message and that is, that you can pick yourself up and start all over again." 

Judy Ford past President Rotary Club of Yass

Business Development - 





The recruitment industry is all about people and relationships - creating the first impression and having a professional corporate image is very important to our business. The corporate Professional Image seminar that Carol ran for our team was terrific. Her seminar was informative, thought provoking, non-critical and fun and focused on looking and feeling good. The team took away some very relevant and practical advice on presenting in a professional manner.

Kerrie Schoots


General Manager

Effective People

"Carol has enormous design, artistic flair, and colourful variety with her artwork.


Four paintings hanging in my home are quite different in their style and colours - black and white 'lovers', sky blue Canberra icons amid blossoms and hot air balloons, red topical garden flowers, and the green golf fairway portrait amongst spring flora with glimpses of the Black Mountain tower.


Viewing each painting brings happiness and a warm inner glow. I love these creations. Carol paints for recreation pleasure, and on commission, and her individual masterpieces give great personal pleasure, as well as providing widespread appeal.


Carol's bubbly personality is inevitably captured on canvas, and gives further reason to brighten one's day.


Love Carol's artwork!"

Margaret Atkin



I met Carol in Bali. I had heard a lot about her from expats living there and I had to meet this extraordinary person. Can anyone be this talented. I can't believe the artwork she does is not a full time business for her. Carol paints for pleasure only and engages in commissions occasionally. When I finally did met her, she was in the middle of painting the most amazing creation, I just had to have it. Then she tells me the price and I almost fell over. She could charge double what she does but Carol says it's her pleasure. Wow I couldn't believe how lucky I was to met her.




Thank you my dear friend Carol. I am so glad I met you. The painting you did for me has pride of place in my home. I love the work you do.


I tell everyone here you are a famous artist from Australia.


I hope we met again and I will buy another one of your beautiful creations.





Carol has been a great motivator in my life. Since the day I met her she has helped me become a stronger more confident person.


Carol helped me believe in myself. Not only does she make me feel good, she makes me feel good about being me. Carol says as long as I am happy with who I am nothing else matters.


Carol suggested I join her business networking group and it was just what I needed. Being part of that group gave me the confidence to stand up and speak in front of people, be myself and understand that everyone is different.


Carol's positivity and encouragement has helped me with everything I do with my work, home life and with friends. What I have learnt I have been able to pass on to others.


Thanks Carol for being a great friend, inspiring me and being there for me.

Carol Cootes



I had the pleasure of meeting Carol Mitchell three years ago. 

Right from day one Carol has been an inspiration to me. Her friendly, positive and motivating personality is just contagious.


I attended one of Carol's makeover workshops, which covered everything from makeup, dealing with difficult people to etiquette.

It was an extremely informative day and I came away feeling very empowered with valuable tools for everyday life.


Carol also suggested I join her E.N.E.R.G.Y. Networking group, which I did. I believe Carol's networking group is very unique.

I have gained so many skills both personally and professionally. Not to mention the fantastic people I have met along the way.


Carol is a very enthusiastic, positive and professional business woman.

I have seen Carol present a number of motivational talks which have been of a very high standard.


Without the guidance, mentoring and friendship from Carol I do not believe I would be the confident

and successful business woman I am today. Thank you Carol.


I would highly recommend Carol Mitchell

Natalie Carey


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