The Force of Divorce

"You opened your heart so that others can benefit and grow from reading your book. You communicated in a really personal way so that those in the midst of experiencing the "unspeakable" would relate to and find the courage to move forward with their lives - whether that meant remaining in a dysfunctional marriage or leaving"

- Andrew Smith, Managing Director - Five Phase Group

Stages ~ Risks ~ Advice ~ Support

In the year that author Carol Mitchell wrote her book A Survivor's Story in 2011, 48,935 divorces were granted in Australia.


In 2013, there were 47,638 divorces granted in Australia, a decrease of 2,279 (4.6%) from the 49,917 divorces granted in 2012.


At any rate, that's an astounding amount of money going in lawyers' fees, time in court appearances and preparation of documents.


That's before you even begin with the heartache, loss and breakdown of the family unit - something you can never put a price on.


Not only did Carol Mitchell write an inspiring book on her own experience of divorce,

she put together a kit that will save every one of those divorcees a whole lot of distress, and a whole lot of money too.


"This has been a very difficult process," Carol says of her journey after her 23-year marriage ended.


"It was not until after I started writing and talking to people that I realised how many women were going through the same thing

and how easy it is to feel isolated and cut off.


"This book may make you laugh and cry; it may stir your deepest thoughts or demons, but I hope it will improve your life,

make you think of how to make things better and not settle for anything less than you deserve.

Most of all I hope it reassures you to know that you are not alone."


Carol's divorce survival kit will give you the tools and access to professionals

who can help make the entire process of getting divorced so much easier.


The kit can be mailed anywhere in Australia free of charge.

The kit costs $120,

which is less than half the hourly rate for most family lawyers.


Carol may not be a lawyer, however she has been there, done that, and lived to tell the tale.

She now has the survival kit that will help anyone going through the same.


Find out now before it's too late and costs you a future.

The survival pack includes valuable advice

from the following experts:

  • Psychologist /life & business coach

  • Solicitor

  • Careers advisor

  • Financial planner

  • Mortgage broker

  • Insurance broker

  • Realestate agent

  • Lifeline Canberra

  • Remedial and relaxation therapist

  • Image consultant

PLUS a copy of the book

'The Force of Divorce'




Survival Kit

The book: $25

The survival pack: $120

1 hour private consultation: $200

The result: priceless