Motivational Speaker

"Right from day one, Carol has been as inspiration to me. Her friendly,

positive and motiviating personality is just contagious"

Natalie Carey, Owner / Director - Burning log Outdoor - Indoor

Once you hear Carol's story, you will never set limits on how wonderful you can be...ever again!


       Carol Mitchell has been there and accomplished a great wealth of life skills and insight

that will engage you from the beginning.


Carol has walked the walk and now she wants to talk the talk

 - this was from someone too petrified to attempt her first public speaking roles.


    Carol is there to inspire you with her extraordinary stories of her own rise and fall,

only to rise once again.


   Carol is honest, balanced and extraordinary.

She wants to tell you how great that feels and how you can feel the same way too.



Sometimes it takes an insight into someons else's life

for us to deal more successfully with our own