"Even though she will have you laughing and crying over the mistakes she made and how she overcame them, she has a much more serious message, and that is, you can pick yourself up and start all over again"

- Judy Ford, past President - Rotary club of Yass and

Business Developer - TOORA Women Inc.







 Where once there was a blank canvas, now there is a work of art. 


No sentence sums up Carol Mitchell more.


  A sought-after public speaker, advisor, coach, counsellor, author, artist and

  mentor, Carol has not only reinvented herself, but also the world around her.    

She couldn't be happier.





Do you want to know more about your true self and who you are meant to be, rather than what people want you to be?


The answers are a phone call or email away for you to begin colouring your very own blank canvas.





Know that true happiness lies in the mind of the beholder. Most importantly, know that someone is here to help.


That someone is Carol Mitchell, who will leave you wondering why you didn't

begin the conversation a long time ago.